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The Kelly Richey Band Live At The Blue Wisp

by Kelly Richey

“The Kelly Richey band LIVE at The Blue Wisp” melds blues, old school funk, and straight up in-your-face rock and roll, dishing up epic grooves and dirty crunchy guitar riffs injected with a potent dose of thumpin’ and bumpin’ old school funk. The twelve-track album deftly mixes brutish blues guitar and gritty funk swagger for foot stomping rockers designed to bring the house down. The tracks groove along a stripped down but massive wall of sound, utilizing Richey’s pure vintage guitar tone, Freekbass’ huge, monster bass lines, and old school funk and hip-hop infused super-sized backbeats by Big Bamn. Augmented with Richey’s brawny gravel studded vocals, the album roars into high-octane from the very first note. Combining Richey’s wicked fret board chops with the mighty funk master Freekbass on bass guitar produces a sound that is truly an entity by itself. Add in Ken “Big Bamn” Smith’s expertly tight, hip-hop informed drumming and the combination drives the sound of the Kelly Richey Band into a new arena, the likes of which haven’t been seen since Eddie Hazel and P-Funk. Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Tobotius, who also lends his DJ scratching on three of the tracks, the album was recorded live at the legendary Blue Wisp in Cincinnati and captures the Kelly Richey Band at their very best; showcasing the band’s rich dynamics, high energy, and stellar musicianship. The Kelly Richey Band’s performance on this album is a searing knockout punch that delivers a tidal wave of full-tilt, in-your-face blues rock n’ roll, driven home with huge red-hot funk grooves aimed to knock you off your feet.

Sweet Spirit

Sweet Spirit

by Kelly Richey

“Sweet Spirit” rock and rolls across blues, funk, hip hop and straight up in-your-face rock and roll. Dishing up epic grooves and dirty crunchy guitar riffs, the ten-track album is rolled into a concise set of all-original songs that deftly mix brutish blues guitar and gritty swagger for foot-stomping rockers that shake and shimmy along within a stripped down but massive wall of sound. Pure vintage guitar tone, monster bass lines, and John Bonham-style drum grooves are augmented with Richey’s brawny gravel-studded vocals to produce her mightiest work yet. Richey sings with a competent authority and her down-and-dirty guitar grumble doesn’t disappoint. Richey has picked up the tempo on this album taking inspiration from the Black keys, R.L. Burnside, and The White Stripes, exploding with a raw, well-honed calculation that doesn’t sugarcoat or make excuses. Supported by engineer/producer Duane Lundy, Richey’s leave-blood-on-the-floor raw energy is highlighted rather than slick, polished out production, and gives a nod to Richey’s Led Zeppelin influenced core. Featuring Freekbass on bass guitar, Robby Cosenza on drums, and Bernie Worrell lending a shot of tasty keys, “Sweet Spirit” packs a potent knock-out punch that leaves Richey standing her ground as a serious, balls-to-the-wall, unapologetic rocker.

Kelly Richey LIVE 1996 - 2011

Kelly Richey LIVE 1996 - 2011

by Kelly Richey

Kelly Richey is well known for her dynamic, jaw-dropping live performances. Her “take no prisoners” approach to playing guitar has won her many loyal fans worldwide, numerous awards and critical acclaim. Richey shines when she plays live, exuding a masterful confidence and well-honed musicality that has to be seen and heard to be believed. Captivatingly powerful, Richey is a powerhouse on stage and her new album, “Kelly Richey Live 1996 – 2011”, brings together a fantastic collection of her strongest live performances.

This new album kicks off with a brand new, never released version of "Hey Joe", recorded at the Redmoor in Cincinnati’s Mt. Lookout Square, in 2011. This performance was recorded for her latest Kelly Richey Band Promotional Video. From here, the journey begins--- Kelly Richey’s new live CD pulls the very best tracks from her four previously released live CD's: "Live At Tommy's On Main - 1996" (out of print), "Kelly Richey Live - 1999" (out of print), "Kelly Richey...Live As It Should Be - 2003" (out of print), and "Live At The Thirsty Ear - 2008". This new CD from Richey is packed full with all of original songs and your favorite KRB recordings; with 13 tracks, you’ll experience Kelly Richey at her best--- outstanding vocals, sensational riffs and the “fret-burning” licks she is famous for.

Richey opens full-throttle on this new live CD, and it’s smokin’ hot! See why it has been said that Kelly Richey is “Stevie Ray Vaughan trapped in a woman’s body with Janis Joplin screaming to get out”. Sit down, strap in, hit “play” and see if you don’t agree!

Finding My Way Back Home

Finding My Way Back Home

by Kelly Richey

While Kentucky native Kelly Richey is well known for her masterful virtuosity on the electric guitar, few have had the privilege of hearing her softer, more intimate side. Richey‘s excellent new CD, aptly titled, “Finding My Way Home”, is a 12-track body of work that contains all original, solo acoustic material. Blending her roots in Blues, Folk, Rock and Americana, she sets down her Stratocaster, picks up her trusted 6-string acoustic, and draws the listener in with ultra-personal lyrics, spot-on guitar work, beautiful melodies and rich, authentic vocals that are both powerful and tender.

“Finding My way Back Home” is a very special CD that highlights Richey’s voice and musical expression in a departure that might surprise her typical fan base. At a quieter volume and slowed down just a tad from her usual rip-roaring “in-your-face” power-trio based blues work, Richey creates an intimate and vulnerable look inside that is entrancing and extremely compelling. Drawing upon the experience of taking a one-year hiatus from the grueling 850,000 miles and 20-years of touring her band, and being able to truly “find” herself during that much needed break, Richey writes with wisdom, reflection, hard-won enlightenment and massive self-evolution. Redefining herself here, Richey has found her voice, and has found her way home from what has been a very long road rife with personal struggle and new-found perspective.

Carry The Light

Carry The Light - 2008

by Kelly Richey

Carry The Light was co-produced by Rick Brantley and was recorded at his studio All These Sounds, in Cincinnati, Ohio. Richey’s intention with the 11-track 2008 release was to make a socially relevant blues-based rock album. She pulled from influences such as David Gilmour in the track “When All Is Said And Done”, and John Mayer in the beautiful “What In The World”; Jimi Hendrix influenced her title track “Carry The Light” and also the track “Time For A Change.” “Leave The Blues Behind” takes a straight-ahead approach to blues/rock with a driving Motown-type groove that incorporates a signature guitar rhythm influenced by the rock band INXS. Richey states that all songs on “Carry The Light” have deep personal meaning to her; during the time she wrote the songs for this album the country was ripped in half politically, and she felt a strong conviction to write songs that would inspire a meeting of the two political sides on “middle ground.” In songs like “Lookin’ For A Fight”, Richey talks about how much we all have in common, while ”Run Like Hell” stresses the importance of diplomacy over facing the collective consequences of societal division. “Carry The Light” is a stinging in-your-face, guitar-laden anthem of Richey’s desire to rectify the world’s most pressing issues.

Kelly Richey Band - Live At The Thirsty Ear

Kelly Richey Band - Live At The Thirsty Ear - 2008

by Kelly Richey

Live At The Thirsty Ear was recorded in 2008 while Kelly Richey was on tour in support of her previous CD “Speechless”. From hard-hitting blues/rock to soul-driven blues, “Live At The Thirsty Ear” is packed with powerful tracks that capture Richey at her best— live on stage. The album includes Kelly Richey favorites such as “Hey Joe”, “Nobody's Fault But Mine” and “Tears Like Rain”, and she also pays a special tribute to guitarist Roy Buchanan in a brilliant performance of "Is There Any Reason". Live At The Thirsty Ear contains two original instrumental songs from Richey’s “Speechless” CD and a funky riff-driven original tune, ”I Don’t Feel So Good” from her very first CD “Sister’s Gotta Problem.” The remaining songs chosen for Live At The Thirsty Ear were based on crowd response and band performance. “Tears Like Rain” is a song Richey picked up from one of her favorite blues acoustic CD’s by Omar and the Howlers. The song was one of the only two electric cuts on that album, and it’s always been a favorite of Richey’s to perform. “Red House”, “Hey Joe” and “Crossroads” are songs that influenced Richey early on in her career, and it’s evident that she’s worked hard to make them her own. She also pays tribute to Nina Simone’s “Nobody’s Fault”. Richey’s performance of this song is a well-calculated knockout that takes the listener on a heavy blues journey through gospel into blues, then drives hard with a red hot blues groove right to the very last note. Live At The Thirsty Ear was recorded at the Thirsty Ear in Columbus, Ohio. Though the club is no longer there, Richey keeps this famed Blues venue alive in each and every note, and the intensity of her guitar work is clearly evident throughout this fantastic CD.


Speechless - 2006

by Kelly Richey

“Speechless holds a special place for me – it’s one of my favorite albums I’ve ever recorded. I brought a selection of chords with loosely formed rhythmic ideas to a relatively new rhythm section, and we hammered out arrangements and parts as we were working up the material for an updated version of the Kelly Richey Band. I wanted to add material to the show that was fresh, and I wanted to simply focus on the music to best allow me to create a relationship with my new rhythm section, David Clawson (drums) and Jimmy V. (bass guitar). I recorded this album in the basement of my home with the help of engineer and recording mentor Rick Andress. Rick had been tutoring me on how to use my new computer software for recording. He helped run the sessions, and also did the final mixes. My favorite record by my favorite guitarist Roy Buchannan is “You’re Not Alone”; an amazing instrumental record that had deeply influenced me as a guitar player for years. I longed to do an album that was free of vocals and in doing so, would force me to use just my guitar to express all of the emotions I felt I needed to express.” So states Kelly Richey of her 2006 studio release “Speechless.” A truly remarkable effort on Richey's part to both write and record an all instrumental album that pays honor to the extraordinary artists who have inspired and influenced her musically throughout the years: Roy Buchanan, Jeff Beck, Al di Meola, Pat Metheny and Michael Hedges. “Speechless” is a timeless aural treat not to be missed— Richey’s work here has won critical acclaim and shines as a much-deserved career highlight.

Kelly Richey Live...As It Should Be

Kelly Richey Live...As It Should Be - 2002

by Kelly Richey

Kelly Richey’s “Live… As It Should Be” is a double-live CD that was released in 2002. It is jam packed with every standout song Kelly Richey covered or had written and performed live at the time of it’s recording. This CD features a special appearance of Kelly’s very first drummer, Billy Armstrong, and here he appears on the tracks “Livin’ On Love”, “Now You Need Me”, and “The Blues Don’t Lie”. The CD was produced by Richey and recorded during a series of summer tours in 2002, and was mixed by the talented Duane Lundy of Shangri-La Productions in Lexington, Kentucky. The two-disc “Live… As It should be” is a powerful representation of Kelly Richey’s formidable guitar work. From gritty blues-rock to soul-driven blues, the album contains 17 powerful tracks that echo the blood, sweat and tears of Richey’s live performances. Recorded while on tour in support of her excellent album, “Sending Me Angles”, these tracks include Kelly Richey Band favorites such as “Brick” and “Hey Joe”, as well as stellar takes on Sending Me Angel’s standouts, including “Livin' On Love” and “Nobody's Fault But Mine”. In addition, Richey pays tribute to her favorite guitarist Roy Buchanan in gut-wrenching performances of “Down By The River” and “Turn To Stone”.

Sending Me Angels

Sending Me Angels - 2001

by Kelly Richey

On “Sending Me Angels” Richey pairs up with first-class producer John Snyder to create a fresh take on the heart of American rock & roll.
 The album is an 11-song anthem that marks Richey’s best guitar and vocal work to date. Richey’s strong blues background is evident on songs like "Lifetime Guarantee" and Nina Simone’s intense "Nobody's Fault But Mine”, and her gritty rock and roll leanings bust out on the tough girl "Angel from Heaven" and the plaintive "Sending Me Angels."

The inimitable qualities of Richey's textural alto play perfectly in tandem with her brawny guitar work, and all was exquisitely captured by John Snyder, a producer whose previous albums have won a total of five Grammy awards, including Etta James' “Mystery Lady.”

Snyder had caught a Kelly Richey show in Louisville, Kentucky, and was immediately hooked-- he signed on to produce this album, and instinctively paired Richey up with musicians that would match her explosive, sinewy prowess on the guitar. The musicians included Jack Holder (Tracy Chapman and Johnny Lang), Earnest Williamson (BB King and Albert Collins), Steve Potts (Wynnona and Al Green), and Dave Smith (Everything But The Girl and Coco Montoya.)

Songwriters for the album include the extraordinary Jerry Lynn Williams, who penned five of the songs on Eric Clapton's multiple Grammy-winning “Journeyman” album, Delbert McClinton, and Craig Fuller who, along with Gary Nicholson, wrote one of the album's standout singles, "Livin' On Love". Richey completes her contributions to this album with four originals including collaboration with Gary "Muddbone" Cooper on the magical “Angel From Heaven.” “Sending me Angels” is one of Richey’s personal favorites, and is not to be missed.

Dig A Litle Deeper

Dig A Litle Deeper - 1999

by Kelly Richey

"I'm known for slinging an electric guitar, but songwriting is just as much a part of my soul as performing and I really feel that Dig A Little Deeper represents, for the first time, the complete package." So stated Kelly Richey of Dig A Little Deeper; an 11-song compilation that includes nine original tunes by Richey. Dig A Little Deeper is a heartrending synthesis of Richey's outstanding guitar work, honest, heart-felt lyrics and soulful vocal delivery. Dig A Little Deeper was originally meant to be an acoustic solo release, but turned into a KRB recording project that was engineered by Les Campbell and produced by Kiya Heartwood of Arista recording artists’ Stealin Horses. The material on Dig A Little Deeper was written on acoustic guitar and recorded for this record with a heavy rock influence, blending Richey’s electric and acoustic guitars and highlighting her vocals and harmonies. Terry Williamson delivers solid bass lines throughout, and Eric Maylaben rounds out the band on drums providing a robust rhythm section that nails the tone of and emotional feel of Richey’s songs perfectly. Dig A Little Deeper is a poignant, but never self-pitying, glimpse of Richey at her most vulnerable. Songs like “Raining In My Head” describe an emotional story of a relationship that loses its trust to lies. “You Can’t Stop Me From Cryin” is a song about choosing to express one’s heartache no matter how badly you wish you could hide the pain. “Ripped and Torn” is a somber song of how we often wish things were different, and in time, finding ourselves changed as a result of that longing. Pensive and wistful, Dig A Little Deeper captures not only Richey’s blues-based roots, but also broadens her sound with the introduction of Americana-esque songs like "Is Anybody Listening", "It's Rainin' In My Head" and "Cracked & Bent". This effort confidently moves Richey forward musically while maintaining the integrity of her powerful guitar playing and vocal moxie that she is known is known for. This album is a must-have for those fans who want to get to know Kelly Richey beyond her electric guitar slinger capabilities!

Kelly Richey Band Live

Kelly Richey Band Live - 1999

by Kelly Richey

Produced by Kelly Richey Engineered by Duane Adams

Kelly Richey band: Live was produced by Kelly Richey and engineered and mixed by Duane Adams. The album, the second live CD for Richey, was recorded while Richey was touring nationally in support of her 1997 release, Eyes of a Woman. Recorded by Duane Adams, soundman for Richey and a close personal friend as well, he also recorded Richey’s “Sister’s Gotta Problem” and “Live at Tommy’s On Main”. A well trusted pro in the music business, Duane has a superb ear and helped to design Richey’s guitar rigs; he was also instrumental in helping Richey find her beautiful, inimitable guitar tone, of which, Richey takes great pride in. The Kelly Richey Band: LIVE puts trail blazing blues master Kelly Richey right in your living room-- front row, center, for some of the most explosive guitar performances you can find on CD. Richey rips up the fret board on her Strat combining both electric and acoustic originals such as "Talks All Over Town", "My Baby's Gone Crazy", and "Travelin", just to name a few in this jam-packed fourteen track CD. Other stand out tracks include audience favorites "Crossroads" and "All Along The Watchtower”, which Richey pours out her heart and soul and leaves blood, sweat and tears on stage. With Terry Williamson on bass and Eric Maylaben on drums, Richey confidently slam-dunks her hard-driving guitar chops and never looks back.

Eyes Of A Woman

Eyes Of A Woman - 1997

by Kelly Richey

Richey’s “Eyes of a Woman” CD was recorded in 1997 in Louisville, Kentucky and was produced by Scott Mullins. The title track, “Eyes of a Woman” and two other songs, “My Baby’s Gone Crazy” and Talks All Over Town” were co-written with Richey’s good friend Jay Goldenberg-- an outstanding song writer who has helped pen several Kelly Richey Band favorites: “My Baby’s Gone Crazy” and Talks All Over Town” have been re-recorded on other live KRB CD’s and have been among the most requested songs throughout Richey’s career. Eyes Of A Woman also contains a cover of a favorite song of Richey’s by bluesman Freddie King, the funky “You Was Wrong”. “Good Days, Bad Days”, a song written by Gary Nicholson, is a dark and beautiful ballad that tells the story of someone rebuilding her life after the painful ending of a relationship. This song in particular shows off Richey’s vocal ability, a captivating alto-- husky, soulful and rich. Many other Kelly Richey originals appear on this album including an alternative version of the foot-stomping “Travelin”. The songs “Someday Baby”, “Stop Acting Crazy” and “Strolling after Midnight” are all standouts as well. In addition, Richey’s very first original blues tune, “The Blues Don’t Lie” makes an appearance on this intriguing studio album as well. Eyes Of A Woman is richly textured musically, using a nice blend of horns and keyboards throughout, with the focus remaining on Richey’s guitar and made-for-the-Blues vocals. This CD shows a side not always seen from Richey; vulnerable, soulful and funky, she captures the spirit of the Blues with a touch of all-American Rock and Roll. 

Live At Tommy's On Main

Live At Tommy's On Main - 1996

by Kelly Richey

Live at Tommy’s on Main is Richey’s third CD, but the first to capture her in the environment where she feels the most comfortable – playing live to an audience. The album was recorded at Tommy’s, a now-defunct venue in Cincinnati that was located on Main Street near the downtown area. The album is totally raw, real, uncut and full of energy, with Richey playing her guitar like her life depends on each and every note. Duane Adams recorded and mixed Live At Tommy’s On Main with the focus being to give the listener an aural experience as if he or she were actually in the front row seats participating in the all-consuming energy flow between Richey, her Strat, and the audience. All of the “soon to be” KRB favorites are on this dynamite-loaded CD, and several time pieces as well, including a brilliant cover of Janis Joplin’s “Piece of My Heart” which is performed solo by Richey. This album is tough-girl emotive and in-your-face guitar-driven blues/rock with Richey’s guitar work providing a searing wall of power with a fret board prowess that is muscular and unmistakable. Here, Richey’s band with Terry Williamson on bass guitar (Terry was the bass player for KRB for over seven years from 1993 to 2000), and Dave Williams on drums (1995 to 2002) pack a formidable punch that is not to be reckoned with. Live At Tommy's On Main remains a strong favorite of long time Kelly Richey followers and new fans alike, as it brutally captures the Kelly Richey Band experience bringing the energy of Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix back to life.

The Blues Don't Lie

The Blues Don't Lie - 1995

by Kelly Richey

“The Blues Don’t Lie” is Richey’s second studio CD release. This album grew out of a songwriting project between Richey and Sam “Shake” Anderson. Shake wrote and produced two songs specifically for Richey, and while they were in the pre-production stage, she decided to move forward and record a full-blown album. Richey reached out to another talented songwriter, the late Tim Krekel, and Tim suggested that she check out Melody Hill Studios located just outside of Louisville, Kentucky. He felt Melody Hill studio was the perfect place to record Richey’s album. Tim accompanied Richey to visit the studio, and in addition, gave her several of his songs to consider for the record. This special album includes two songs by Sam “Shake” Anderson: “Set It Off” and “Sold Me Down The River” and also “Scandalize” by Tim Krekel, with the remainder of the tracks on the CD a mixture of blues/rock standards, like “Further on up the Road” and “Key to the Highway”, which Richey deftly makes her own. “Turtle Blues” was a song recorded by the late Janis Joplin-- a straightforward blues tune that resonated with Richey so much that she wanted to cover it here on this album. During the recording of “The Blues Don’t Lie”, Richey discovered the song “Angel”, co-written by the engineer/studio owner Vince Emmett. To this day, the song is a personal favorite of Richey’s. As a side note, the title track on this CD was the very first blues song Richey ever wrote. “The Blues Don’t Lie” is bluesy, honest and raw, with Richey obviously stealing the spotlight on this vulnerable, original song that draws directly from Richey’s own experiences in life. The solid rhythm section on the record consists of two of the first KRB members: Shawn Wells (drums) and Terry Williamson (bass guitar); both musicians working well together to provide a rock-solid platform for Richey’s earth-shaking guitar work. The CD also features the dynamic Keith Hubbard (Lexington, Kentucky) on keyboards.

Sister's Gotta Problem

Sister's Gotta Problem - 1994

by Kelly Richey

“Sister's Got A Problem” is Kelly Richey’s very first release, recorded in Cincinnati by Duane Adams in 1994. With outstanding original songs such as the title cut, “Sister’s Gotta Problem” and the instrumental all-out rocker "Just A Thing", demand for this album remains strong. This album also includes Richey’s superlative tribute to guitarist Roy Buchanan, covering Neil Young's plaintive and haunting tune "Down By The River." The track “Sister’s Gotta Problem” is a potent display of power, utilizing a deep funky groove that features unmistakable Kelly Richey guitar riffs throughout. The song talks about how we all share common problems and heartache in life, and uses the tradition of blues lyrics to show how we can still connect on a human level, no matter what the tragedy. “City Between The Lines” is a track that was written by Richey during the L.A. riots, several years before being actually recorded. The song talks about how we are divided by our own lines and prejudices, and by the lines we draw collectively as a society. “Travelin” has become a KRB standard; a hats-off, foot stomping, guitar-driven song that Richey likes to open shows with, no doubt to grab the audience from the very first note. The infectious track “Just A Thing” was inspired by one of Richey’s guitar influences, the great bluesman Stevie Ray Vaughan, whom Richey is often compared to. For anyone considered a serious Kelly Richey fan, “Sister’s Gotta Problem” a must have!

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